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These are some of our favourite blogs.

Eyewitness Blogs are first-hand accounts written by British and Irish volunteers working as human rights monitors in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Israel as part of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Israel and Palestine (EAPPI). EAPPI has more international human rights monitors working on the ground in occupied Palestine than any other organisation. 

Going Between by Miranda Pinch covers her frequent visits to the Holy Land, something she describes as "a venturing between Israel and Palestine, and Christianity and Judaism as well as...Palestinian Islam". The daughter of a Czechoslavakian Jewish refugee, Miranda's grandfather was Ernst Sommer, regarded by some as the first person to write about the Holocaust. Miranda spent time as an EAPPI Ecumenical Accompanier in 2009.

Shalom Rav by Rabbi Brant Rosen, a director of the American Friends Service Committee and rabbi of Tzedek Chicago, "explores the intersection between Judaism and social justice, with a special focus on Israel/Palestine". 

Writing from the Edge is a blog by the Jewish writer Robert Cohen in which he examines issues of Jewish interest from a British perspective. "Expect some radically disssenting views on Israel, commentary on Jewish-Christian interfaith issues and life as the Jewish husband of a Church of England vicar," he says.

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